Hebrew Israelite YHWH Headband / Earband

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Hebrew Israelite Headband / Earband w/ YHWH (in Ancient Hebrew)

100% polyester anti-pill fleece with nylon binding along the edges

The Most High's Holy Name EMBROIDERED on front

** 1 Chronicles 16:10: Glory ye in His holy name.. **

** Psalm 113:1-3: Praise ye YHWH. Praise, O ye servants of YHWH, praise the name of the LORD.

Blessed be the name of YHWH from this time forth and for evermore.

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same YHWH's name is to be praised.

**   Proverbs 18:10: The name of YHWH is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.  **

**  Ezekiel 36:23:  And I will sanctify my great name, which was profaned among the heathen, which ye have profaned in the midst of them; and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord, saith the YHWH, when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes.

**  Zechariah 13:9:  ...they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, YHWH is my God.  **


**  Sirach 17:10:  And the elect shall praise His holy name.  **


Note: The average Israelite's head size is larger than the mannequin's head,
so the fit on you will be better than pictured! ;-)


** Matthew 5:16: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." **