Redemption: Jacob Rises from the Ashes (Taariq Ali)

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This book is a direct message for the Children of the Most High; the true Children of Israel. The awakening has begun for the Hebrew Israelites worldwide and there is nothing they can do to stop it! Come with me on this journey as I reveal to you the true Israelites from the seed-line of Abraham, Isaac, and then to Jacob. In my search for religious truth I found deception and wickedness which was camouflaged and injected into scriptures by the former Roman Empire.Jacob's descendants have served their sentence for transgressions against the laws, statutes, and commandments of the Most High. The identity of the Israelites is one of the greatest kept secrets on the face of the Earth. Many think that the remnant of them reside in the nation state of Israel, but they don't. They are still scattered upon the face of the Earth.The criminal cabal of the elites which emerged from the former Roman Empire have taken over the United States of America and many other governments around the world. The average citizen does not even realize that they are slaves to the elites and their cabal. The cabal have been complicit in the cover up of the identity of the true Hebrew Israelites for centuries. It is through their corrupt news media, entertainment industry, laws, and policies that they have been able to dispensed a narrative to the masses of American citizens and people throughout the world which promotes negativity and white supremacy against the true Israelites.Many nations have been confederate in the cover up of the identity and abuse of the Israelites while serving as agents for Lucifer and Esau. They will all have to answer for their evil and oppressive behavior for what was not ordained by the Most High. The evil that was and is still perpetrated against the Israelites have reached unto the heavens, therefore invoking the wrath of the Most High, which has already began to be unleashed upon the Earth. Prophecy shall be fulfilled; So be it!In these pages you will discover:1. Who the true Hebrew Israelites are and who the impostors are that have fooled the entire world?2. Who the true rulers of the United States of America are that have taken over its government? It's not the American people!3. Who were the perpetrators that input lies, sun worship, Greek mythology and astrology into the Holy Scriptures?4. How the elites have manifested a slave culture amongst the citizens, not only in America, but throughout the world in order to propagate their New World Order Agenda?5. How to prepare yourselves for the coming deception by the elites and the wrath of the Most High?

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